San Leandro Bees

San Leandro Bee Removal

The San Leandro bees experts that work for our company are some of the best in the business. While honeybees are an asset to nature, they are not welcome visitors to a home or backyard. At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, Inc., we provide professional honeycomb removal and bee hive removal in San Leandro so that homeowners can have the peace of mind that comes from experienced extermination services. We offer assistance to property owners who need to have bees, honeycomb, hives or wasps' nests removed quickly and safely.

Reliable San Leandro Wasp Exterminators

Any type of bee or wasp that gets into a home is of concern due to the risk of a sting. Bees or wasps are especially dangerous to anyone with an allergy. As local Concord and San Leandro wasp exterminators, we routinely find yellow jackets, wasps, honey bees and hornets in homes and yards. Parents of young children might not realize that their child even has an allergy to these insects. With San Leandro bee removal and honeycomb removal, all homeowners can rest assured knowing that their children are safer.

Quality San Leandro Wasp Removal Services

Our Hayward and San Leandro wasp removal services start with a thorough inspection inside and outside of the home. Our yellow jacket exterminator locates the honeycomb, hive or nest and determines the level of activity and the approximate number of insects living inside of the nest. During all San Leandro wasp removal services, we wear protective equipment. We ask that homeowners stay inside and close doors and windows while our yellow jacket exterminator is working. Our San Leandro wasp exterminator uses an aerosolized insecticide spray that kills bees and wasps on contact. The spray also acts as a larvicide to inactivate any developing eggs or larvae that have hatched. Our San Leandro bee removal professionals recommend that you stay away from the area of the hive for at least 24 hours so that bees or wasps that were out of the hive at the time of the application will not sting.

Wasp And Bee Prevention In San Leandro

We also offer wasp and bee prevention in San Leandro and Castro Valley. Our exterminators help property owners to seal access points where bees and wasps can get into a home. If there is an old hive in a home or a tree, our bee hive removal in San Leandro can prevent a new colony of bees or wasps from settling into it and causing a new infestation.