The Pleasanton Bee Removal Experts

Pleasanton Bee Removal

Our Pleasanton bee removal experts are some of the best in the business. We need certain bees here and there to benefit our flowers and gardens in the Spring and Summer months, but let's face it- there's nothing worse than having an actual bee problem. Bees can take over an area if they've built a hive nearby and it's not a good feeling when you have to feel restricted around your own home out of fear of getting stung. Not only does it hurt to get stung by a bee, but until it happens, it's unknown how you or your family could react to a bee sting and it's very common for allergic reactions from bee stings to quickly become serious enough for hospital treatment. So how do you remove the bees? There's only one safe way- call a professional bee and yellow jacket exterminator in Pleasanton or Alamo.

At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, Inc., we not only specialize in honeycomb removal but our qualified professionals are also highly trained to handle bee prevention, bee removal, wasp removal and even yellow jacket removal in Pleasanton. So if you're looking for a wasp, bee or yellow jacket exterminator or you require bee hive removal in Pleasanton or Livermore we're the ones to call!

Bee Hive Removal

Did you know up to 50,000 bees could be living inside one single hive? Bravery doesn't make up for wisdom- If you have bees you need removed, please call a professional to ensure your Pleasanton bee removal process is done safely. After just seconds of disturbing a hive, you could be swarmed by thousands of bees and stung hundreds of times. It's a very dangerous task that's not going to turn out well if you're not a trained professional. These hives especially need to be removed if children play in the area. It could be an extremely dangerous situation if a child disturbed the hive and suffered stings they could potentially by allergic to. If you need bee hive removal, honeycomb removal or bee prevention in Pleasanton or Lafayette, then we are the company to call.

Wasp Nest Removal

Many people think you can simply knock a wasp nest down but what they don't know is wasps can be very aggressive and it's hard to tell when a wasp nest is completely inactive. There could be up to 10,000 wasps inside of one wasp nest and if you knock it down or spray it with wasp spray, you're taking a high risk of getting stung. If you ever need Pleasanton wasp removal, we provide fast service and our Danville and Pleasanton wasp exterminator is always just a phone call away.

Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

Yellow Jacket Removal

Removing a Yellow jacket nest is a procedure that requires a lot of precautionary steps and specific procedures to successfully accomplish without having very unpleasant results. Yellow jackets have a very painful sting and a single nest can be occupied by a colony of up to 3,000 yellow jackets so if you're in need of yellow jacket removal in Pleasanton, give us a call and we'll do the dirty work for you fast and at an affordable price!

We Are The Bee, Wasp And Yellow Jacket Removal Professionals

Every single one of our reliable exterminators and bee removal specialists is highly trained, experienced and prepared to handle any and all of your pest removal and control needs. Give us a call at (800)351-2488 today for fast and reliable Pleasanton bee removal, wasp removal and yellow jacket extermination.