Orinda Bees

Orinda Bee Removal

Orinda bees can be a true problem. Some people are terrified of bees as they pass by them in the yard, but what about when you have an infestation? Bees love to get behind the soffit vent in the home and build nests. We are the yellow jacket exterminator specialists. We can help you with your live bee hive removal in Orinda. When it comes to honey bees, we can relocate the bees if possible and ensure everyone's safety. Regarldess of your type of insect infestation, the Orinda bees experts that work for us here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, Inc. are always standing by to help. Contact us today.

Education Is Key When Dealing With Orinda Bee Removal

As your Orinda bee removal specialist, you need to know that handling bees are not for the armature. Did you know that 53 people die each year in this country from bee stings? The only way to really know if you are allergic to them is to be stung. Though the average person can handle up to 1,000 stings before death, there is no reason to tempt fate. Whether you need honeycomb removal or to learn more about bee prevention in Orinda; we have got you covered. We want our customers to be educated when it comes to bees. In fact, just because you see a bee does not mean it will harm you. Male bees often do not sting at all; such is the case in carpenter bees.

Orinda Wasp Removal Can Be Dangerous

Unlike most bees that sting one time and then die, wasps are a not really bees. A wasp is in a category all its own. As your friendly Orinda wasp exterminator, we want you to know that a wasp can sting over and over again. Wasps usually build elaborate nests in high places far from the grasp of a human. You should never attempt to handle your own Orinda wasp removal. Inside these unique paper homes can be thousands of bees. These insects can be quite aggressive. As an Orinda wasp exterminator, we want you to know that not only can a wasp build a beautiful paper nest, but they can also build nests on the ground. It is better to leave the removal of these insects to the professionals.

A Professional Yellow Jacket Exterminator

Yellow Jacket Removal

As a yellow jacket exterminator, we have found many people that have apiphobia. When the fear of bees turns into a phobia, it is given this name. Some people would never consider doing their own bee hive removal in Orinda, while others would be up for the challenge. While most bees are more scared of you than you are of them, there still needs to be an element of respect. From honeycomb removal to bee prevention in Orinda; we've got you covered.

Contact Our Orinda Bees Experts Today

Bees have venom that is similar to that of a snake. While one sting may not harm you, if you are allergic to the bee, it can be life threatening. For all your bee removal needs, call us first. A sting to an adult may not be nearly as bad as a sting to a child. We take Orinda bee removal serious and want to ensure your safety.