Professional Livermore Bee Removal

Livermore Bee Removal

Every Livermore bee removal specialist that works for our company is guaranteed to have the knowledge and experience required to get the job done right. While few people mind the occasional bee passing through their garden, even a die-hard apiarist knows that having a wild colony set up shop in the wrong place can become an absolute nightmare. There are a lot of different environmental, health, and cleanliness factors to take into account when it comes to safely removing bees from a yard or home. Fortunately, professional bee removal and experts in bee prevention in Livermore and Dublin like The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, Inc. can help handle this sticky situation.

Don't Risk Getting Stung

One of the biggest reasons not to attempt DIY bee removal is the danger of being stung. While a single sting isn't a problem for most people, allergies to bee venom can be acquired. This is also assuming that the insects in question are regular European honeybees-- Africanized honeybees are much more aggressive, likely to swarm, likely to sting, and inclined to pursue their targets over long distances. An attack from an Africanized honeybee swarm can turn deadly, but there's no way to reliably distinguish them from regular European honeybees by sight alone.

Livermore Wasp And Yellow Jacket Removal

Yellow Jacket Removal

We can also provide you with a yellow jacket exterminator. Yellow jackets and wasps are a greater risk to your health and safety than honeybees are. If you find your home has been infested with yellow jackets or wasps, then you need to contact one of our Alamo or Livermore wasp removal experts straight away. Do not try to evict these insects on your own. Doing so can be extremely dangerous and should always be left to the professionals. Call us at (800)351-2488 if you need a yellow jacket exterminator, wasp removal specialists or a Livermore wasp exterminator today.

Professional Honeycomb Removal Services

Bees can also set a hive up inside the walls of a home. While they are there to maintain it, their wings act as fans to keep their stores of honey cool. If the bees are killed and the honey isn't removed, it will begin to melt and draw pests like ants, flies, mice, and rats. Hives can grow between a foot to a foot and a half a year, which means that a well-established hive can grow to enormous proportions-- one discovered in the walls of a Texas home was two stories tall and housed up to 500,000 bees! This is why we practice full honeycomb removal. Removing the honeycomb and honey can help prevent rodents and other hazards that come along with an evicted hive. Contact us and our honeycomb removal experts in Livermore or Pleasanton today.

The Go-To Livermore Bee Removal Company

Having bees removed is a safer, cleaner, and more humane option for you and the bees alike. Bees can be relocated to an apiarist where they'll be given a proper hive, and there won't be any concerns about attracting other pests. With the help of The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, your Livermore home will be taken care of.