Benicia Bee Removal

Benicia Bee Removal

When it comes to Benicia bees, crevices and hollow trees are favorite places for them to make their hives. That means any cracks you may have in your home's foundation and any trees on your property are potential homes to bees, and they will defend it from any perceived threats. This is especially true of Africanized honeybees, which have been found in the Bay Area over the past year and are more aggressive than regular bees. This makes bees a real danger to your family and your pets, as between nearly 500,000 people a year are treated for insect stings, and 50 to 100 people die every year from bee stings.

Fast, reliable and professional quality removal and control of Benicia bees, wasps and yellow jackets is always just a quick phone call to 800-351-2488 away. Get in touch with our bee professionals today.

The Go-To Bee Hive Removal Professionals

When bees appear on your property, contact The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, Inc., which has been serving residents of the Bay Area since 1978, for bee hive removal in Benicia. Our professional Benicia bee removal experts will get rid of any hives and also perform honeycomb removal on your property in order to keep your family safe. Many of our techniques to get rid of hives do not involve pesticides.

Benicia Wasp Removal

Along with bee hive removal in Benicia, The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, Inc. also performs Benicia wasp removal. Wasps can nest in a variety of places outside and inside your home. They include ceilings, attics, and under the eaves of a house. Killing or threatening one wasp leads it to give off alarm pheromones to alert others from its nest, which can result in a mass attack on you and your family members. A Benicia wasp exterminator from Hitmen can come to your home or business and eliminate the problem before anyone is stung.

Yellow Jacket Exterminator

Yellow Jacket Removal

Yellow Jackets are among the most aggressive insects. Because they do not lose their stingers, these insects can sting multiple times. They also build nests on the ground, so stepping on them is a real danger. Along with being a Benicia wasp exterminator, Hitmen is an experienced yellow jacket exterminator. Bee prevention in Benicia: The best way to avoid problems with bees is to make your property less attractive to them. Seal any holes or cracks in your home's foundation and get rid of outdoor clutter. Call Hitmen for honeycomb removal from any previous bee hives. This type of bee prevention in Benicia can reduce the risk of family members or pets being stung.

If you have been on the lookout for fast and reliable control and removal of Benicia bees, wasps and yellow jackets, then you’ve come to the right place.