Pest Control with Altriset®

What is Altriset®?

The active ingredient in Altriset® termiticide was scientifically formulated based on naturally occurring compounds found in bark of a South American plant known as Ryania speciosa. This is where scientists created their breakthrough.


When your Hitmen Termite Pest Control professionals apply Altriset®, they only need a small dose of it to control the termites, ensuring extended residual control for your home.


Altriset® will protect your home by stopping any further damage, fully controlling the termite infestation within 3 months. The application of Altriset® will also provide long-lasting protection throughout the surrounding soil, preventing further damage, allowing you to live termite free.


Studies show only 1 application of Altriset® can fully protect your home from termites for years to come.

How does Altriset® work?

The popular Altriset® termiticide delivers an efficient termite control by means of stopping further termite damage within only hours after application. Altriset® continues working for a minimum of 9 years, to ensure your home is protected from the costly threat of termites.

What is the advantage of using Altriset®?

Because Altriset® is a liquid termiticide, it provides almost immediate residual control. When Altriset® is sprayed around the foundation of your home, it becomes nearly impossible for termites to avoid. When termites come in contact with Altriset®, they become paralyzed within hours, stopping them from causing further damage to your home.

Altriset® is easily shared among termite colony members, so you can expect control within 3 months.

Is Altriset® safe?

Absolutely! The Altriset® label indicates that when used as directed, Altriset® does not present a hazard to humans or domestic animals.